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My name is Billie Scott, I am a green day fan! I am 23 years old, I am a part time alcoholic, full time lushotolgist.
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It is impossible to be in a bad mood while listening too & watching this video.

Can they make an anime out of her

Seriously. She just moves.. like a cartoon character.


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It sounds crazy but one of my favourite parts about Japan was stationery shopping.

There were aisles filled with a rainbow array of pens and markers at ridiculously low prices. With my favourite Pilot pens priced at 105 yen (which is like $1.30AUD), I may have bought um, about fifteen? 

And the erasable Pilot Frixion ballpoint pen I bought has definitely proven handy. 

this looks like heaven and no you’re not crazy at all

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This is our last charity raffle and we are donating to coppersdream.org. These specific donations will go to dogs in great need of medical attention:

But this raffle is different because we are giving out not 1 or 2, but 4 Fursuit heads! 

The first is an adorable otter by: http://razzylee.tumblr.com/

The second is a African Wild Dog by:http://yamishizen.tumblr.com/

The third is a previously announced canine/foxby: http://ino89777.tumblr.com/

And finally a cute concept art guniea pigby: http://radcatblakat.tumblr.com/

We will post the WIP fursuit heads/Compelted fursuit heads the concept arts are based on ASAP!

Get pumped guys! Fursuit heads! Charity! Look out for our promo video at the end of the month. The Donation button link which is located here:


after donating please enter your name in our google docs spread sheet here! (would just really help us a lot in seeing how many folk donated!)


- Steampup

Last week to enter in our fursuit charity raffle. You have the chance to win one of the four fursuit heads above~! Please donate or PLEASE REBLOG!

The raffle ends July 26th! That’s one week from today! Good luck everyone. We still nee at least $500 to reach our goal! Spread the word! reblog and tag!






The Princess Mononoke stage adaptation has opened in London to sell-out performances and rave reviews. The play’s puppets and costumes are made out of recycled material, reflecting Miyazaki’s environmental message. 

whoa how did I not know this was a thing?!?



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Real Monster: Anxiety

I need to improve my creature and stylized sculpting and ran into these “Real Monsters” by Toby Allen (http://zestydoesthings.tumblr.com). And asked if I could model them, he agreed. I am going to model more of the little monsters and I might do some more of the concepts as they come along.

"The artwork is not at all intended to make light of these conditions but instead is intended to give these intangible mental illnesses some substance and make them appear more beatable as physical entities." -Toby Allen

The awesome Daniel Wiley made this beautiful 3D model of my Anxiety monster! He is making these (with my permission) to practice his 3D modeling skills, although they seem great already to me! 

He is making more… Check out his blog! =)

(EDIT- It might be worth saying that model in the photo isn’t real, its the 3D model placed over a photo with very clever lighting to make it look real. I had to look twice the first time to check if it was real or not.. But it isn’t a real life model yet.) 

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